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Mini-Mo Freighter Canoe Plans

Little brother to the Mi'Kmaq, the 16 ft. Minnie Mo Freighter Canoe Plans offer the same great features and elegant design.

Mini-Mo-McCool-11.jpg Some time ago I had the opportunity to paddle the Restigouche River, a beautiful river that flows across the northwestern part of the province of New Brunswick and the southeastern part of Quebec.  The trip included a number of rivers in the region.

As I and my party toiled with the paddles on these magnificent waterways, I noticed a number of the natives going in the opposite direction, (up river) in a square sterned canoe then unknown to me.  I spent some time studying them and talking to the locals.

These freighter canoes made perfect sense to me.  The canoes were made using strip and batten technology with canvas coverings.  I have taken the time to develop the lines of the freighter canoe for use with the more durable and far more backyard builder friendly technology of wood strip.

16' long and 47" at the widest point she will weigh in the are of 70 lbs depending on materials and addons. She rides nicely with a 5 HP engine and will go a good long while.  A comfortable payload should not exceed 800 lbs. If you think you need a larger freighter canoe, you can take a look at our 20' freighter Mi'kmaq.

(This product includes the DVD "Building the Covered Canoe". (discounted when it comes with plans and patterns). We strongly recommend that you purchase the DVD with the plans and feel you will be very happy you did!  However, we realize that for some of you this may not be your first time building a strip boat and have given you the option to subtract the DVD from your order. )

Canoe Statistics:
Max Beam = 49"
Depth at middle = 17 1/4"
Length overall = 16'
Capacity = 1500lbs comfortably
Built Weight @ 120 lbs
Recomended power: 10-20hp
Canoe Stripping Book (Download) Free PDF Book for Wood Stripping Canoes. This is not a substitute for the DVD. This will automatically appear in your downloads after your order is processed.
Price: $165.00

Available Options

* DVD - Building the Decked Canoe:

Epoxy Kit 4.5 Gallons and Tools:

Fiber Glass Cloth (30 yds - 10 oz - 60" eglass):

Canoe Bits:


Enjoy the Journey
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